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Aurora West Aventine NELLC Pipeline Railway Simulation

inVISION Studios was contracted to produce a realistic rail simulation depicting the Aurora West Aventine and NELLC Pipeline for the purpose of studying and presenting the feasibility of pulling 96 tanker cars into the existing facility, loading them and then exiting the facility all on the existing track.  The production process consisted of modeling the existing facility buildings, engine tanker and box cars, track and infrastructure from satellite imagery and a CAD file of the master site plan.  inVISION worked with the rail transit engineers to precisely represent the speed, position and maneuvering of each of the tanker cars and engines during the entering and exiting procedure.  Once the rail cars were programmed to follow the designated track, the client was able to request several changes in order to test various maneuvering procedures.  The simulation allowed the client to see the validity of the procedure before presenting the final solution to the executive board.  

Total production was completed within a month (over approximately 20 non-consecutive days).  

Project Duration:  Appoximately 4 weeks Video Production Cost:  $12,000

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