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Bus Rapid Transit - Chicago, Illinois

In 2009, inVISION Studios was contracted by Chicago's Regional Transportation Authority to design and produce a series of video sequences that would depict the proposed Bus Rapid Transit initiative.  Under this contract, inVISION Studios designed prototype articulated buses and transportation hubs located as needed in the median of local highways as well as along urban streets and within shopping malls.  

Below is a sample of the video sequences provided to the RTA for their use in communicating to the public.

The visualization media provided by inVISION Studios to the Illinois Tollway Authority is simply terrific!  By utilizing such detailed and realistic visual aids, politicians and members of the financial community are quickly able to gain a clear understanding of what the money is being spent on and what the resulting benefits will be.  This understanding leads to much needed political support and quickly resolved bonding issues.  More importantly are the public relations benefits we receive from the use of this media.  Neighborhood and community groups, upon seeing the detailed presentation media and its accurate depiction of familiar references, immediately visualize and understand the scope and purpose of nearby improvements and are therefore typically more accepting of construction delays.  Visualization media has become a key component in our communications efforts and for this service, we highly recommend inVISION Studios.

Leanne P. Redden, AICP
Chief of Planning
Illinois Tollway
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