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First in the US...Diverging Diamond Interchange - Springfield, Missouri

In 2010, inVISION Studios had the pleasure of working for the Missouri Department of transportation through Crawford, Bunte, Brammeier (CBB) to produce a video simulation depicting what was, at that time, the first in the US Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI).  

This project faced much concern as travelers were not familiar with the new type of interchange.  The detailed model in combination with converted VISSIM traffic data provided that was provided by the client yielded dynamic and informative video simulations and images that calmed concerns and allowed the project to move forward and become an overwhelming success.

The production consisted of producing an accurate digital model of the proposed roadway, the adjacent contours and the nearby buildings.  Within the immediate site, traffic lights and signs were built and precisely placed according to MoDOT specifications.  Pavement markings were derived from the engineering plans and precisely attached to the 3D model.  VISSIM data was provided by the client, converted and placed within the detailed model.  The converted VISSIM data was enhanced to remove the minor "jitters" associated with raw traffic simulation data.  Approximately 4 minutes of video was processed representing aerial & driver's perspectives throughout the interchange.  Pedestrian figures were also placed within the scene and animated to show their circulation patterns.

"Invsion Studios was hired through CBB (Crawford, bunte, Brammeier) and completed the 3D animation model for the diverging diamond interchange located at Route 13 and I-44 in Springfield, MO. The model had to be completed within 3 weeks after the MOU contract was signed. Invsion Studios was given an extremely tight deadline and completed the work with outstanding results. Their work has been highly complemented by people who watch the animation. I highly recommend them for any animation work you need to have done. To view their work for the Route 13 and I-44 project, visit the MoDOT web page for the Springfield district or to see other samples of their work, visit their web site at I have not seen a better animation/simulation model for roadway work completed. Invision Studios was very reasonably priced and they worked many late nights to get the animation completed. Working with Tom Waldschmidt was outstanding. He was available at all times, including late evenings and weekends and I was able to get a hold of him at any time. Invision Studios went way beyond what most businesses would do to complete this type of model."

“The animation was completed in 2 1/2 weeks which is an incredibly fast time frame to complete
something of this magnitude.  If you need someone to do animation work I would highly recommend contacting Tom Waldschmidt with inVISION Studios.   What Tom accomplished in 2 1/2 weeks is awesome, especially not having ever visited the site during the entire process.  We did everything by phone calls and email and worked many late nights.  If you are worried about using an out-of-state company, don't worry.  It didn't bother me and they were very easy to work with by only phone and email. 
 Tom and his crew worked all hours of the night and weekends to get this completed.  Without the animation, I believe we would have never convinced the public to accept the idea of using a diverging diamond interchange because it was too difficult for them to visualize the concept without it. 
Our Central Office photography department took some photographs from a helicopter on July 8 and they can be found on at the link below.  It is neat to look at the animation video and animation still photos and compare it to the actual built project.  It is amazing how close they compare. 
The cost of the animation was $21,000.  This wasn't the lowest or highest bid I received.  It was, though, the highest quality animation I had seen and I looked at many examples of animations.  I saw animations in the range of $30,000 - $50,000 that were not even close to this caliber.  For the price, quality, and the impossible deadline I gave inVISION Studios, I feel we chose the right company.  If you have any questions, please let me know.” 

Don Saiko, MoDOT - Dist. 8, Project Manager
Project Duration:  Appoximately 2 1/2 weeks Project Budget:  $21,000

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