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J-Turn Simulation
J-Turn-01_Rev-136_Aerial_HD_0711_(540).jpg J-Turn-01_Rev-136_Aerial_HD_1735_(540).jpg
J-Turn-01_Rev-136_Aerial_HD_3468_(540).jpg J-Turn-01_Rev-136_Driver_HD_0550_(540).jpg

In 2017, the engineering firm Olsson Associates contracted inVISION Studios to produce a video simulation representing the circulation pattern of a proposed J-Turn intersection at Rt 13 and Rte O in Green County, MO.  The purpose of the visualization was to present a roadway design and its ability to allow tractor trailer vehicles to pass through the intersection safely and successfully.

The production consisted of building an accurate digital model of the proposed roadway from the client's provided plans.  The completed model included accurate pavement markings, signage, adjacent architecture, and general landscaping. No VISSIM or similar traffic data was provided so all traffic movement was improvised in conjunction with the client's direction. 

Project Duration:  Approximately 4 weeks of production (plus 600 hrs of video processing) Approximate Video Production Cost:  $14,200

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