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Kansas Expressway Extension - Springfield, Missouri

inVISION Studios was recently asked to collaborate with the team of Crawford Murphy & Tilly and Olsson Associates as they pursued the Kansas Expressway Extension Project for the Green County Highway Department, Missouri.  To represent the proposed design, inVISION Studios created a 3D model of the proposed roadway and adjacent site.  The exact geometry was derived from preliminary plans, profiles and cross sections provided by the team.  In order to accurately depict the existing lush vegetation, a combination of procedural grasses (FX fur simulation) and instanced trees and bushes were programmed and placed according to satellite image references.   For the team's presentation, it was  beneficial to simulate vehicular traffic throughout the extension.  For this project, VISSIM data was not available so all traffic movement was improvised during the animation process.  Generating this relatively short 45 second video required approximately 250 hours of computer processing.

Since completing this video project, I am proud to say that it has been reworked slightly in post-production.  My 15 year old son Aaron Waldschmidt, an aspiring audio producer, composed and produced the background audio that can be heard in the updated version below.

Project Duration:  Approximately 3 weeks Video Production Cost:  $12,000

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