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Longmeadow Parkway Fox River Crossing - Kane County, Illinois

In 2014, the engineering firm of Crawford Murphy & Tilly secured the services of inVISION Studios to produce a video simulation representing the proposed Longmeadow Parkway Fox River Crossing in Kane County, Illinois.  The purpose of the roadway visualization was to present the bridge infrastructure and its aesthetic design solutions, highlight various components of the corridor including a pedestrian bridge, a mono-tube toll plaza, a round-a-bout, pedestrian / bike paths and a significant amount of natural landscaping to integrate the site with the adjacent nature preserve.

The production consisted of building an accurate digital model of the proposed roadway from the client's provided Microstation design files.  The client's 3D CAD files were utilized as a background template to insure the accuracy of the more detailed / realistic contour and infrastructure models produced for the video.  Unique to this video presentation was the depiction of various prairie grasses and wild flowers.  To simulate such a vast area of vegetation, a combination of procedural grasses (FX fur simulation) and instanced tree, bush and wild flower models were programmed and placed according to the client's landscape specifications.  For the client's presentation, it was also necessary to simulate vehicular and bike traffic circulating together throughout the system.  For this project, VISSIM data was not provided so all traffic movement was improvised.  Generating the final two minute HD video sequence required nearly 2000 hours of computer processing.

Project Duration:  Approximately 5 weeks Video Production Cost:  $23,000

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