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inVISION Studios was formed in 1997 by Thomas Waldschmidt, a graduate of the University of Illinois School of Architecture and former employee of several engineering and architecture firms in Illinois and Missouri.

Starting in 1997, inVISION Studios focused on architectural renderings for clients in St. Louis and Central Illinois.  In 2001, inVISION Studios was hired by IDOT and Alfred Benesch to produce extensive design visualizations and video simulations for the redesign of Interstate 74 through Peoria.  From this early opportunity, the studio gained a reputation for quality and professionalism and secured numerous other transportation and ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) projects throughout the US and Europe. 

Today the studio continues to work in multiple industries including architectural design & development, transportation engineering, facility planning & fund-raising & sustainable energy.  Beyond marketing visualization, inVISION provides conceptual design services for clients looking for fresh new ideas that capture the attention of potential investors or tenants.  For healthcare and campus oriented industries, inVISION designs and produces way-finding maps which assist visitors in finding their destination and moving throughout complex facilities. 

inVISION studios looks forward to hearing about your visualization needs and looks forward to impressing you with their work!


inVISION Studios was hired to develop a 3D animation model of the Business 65 (Chestnut Expressway) Railroad Overpass in Springfield, MO. MoDOT used an animation on this project to help business owners and the general public better understand how the railroad overpass would look and how it would affect visibility of adjacent properties. I hired inVISION in the past with the diverging diamond interchange at I-44 & MO-13 and their work was outstanding so it was an easy choice to use them again on this project. Once again their work was amazing and brought the project to life. The owner, Tom Waldschmidt, was very accessible and easy to work with. He is very responsive and is always available by e-mail or phone. His ability to understand and visualize what I’m trying to convey about a project is outstanding.  We received many positive comments at the public meeting stating how the animation helped with visualizing the project. This is a tool that should be used more often during the public involvement process. If you have a need for this type of service I would highly recommend inVISION Studios.

Don Saiko, MoDOT - Dist. 8, Project Manager

"I have nothing but good to say about Tom Waldschmidt and his inVision Studios. Tom’s visualization, marketing and aesthetic design services have proved of inestimable value to me and my commercial real estate development firm in conceptualizing and realizing projects. Before and throughout my involvement with engineers, architects, builders, State and local government, and other professionals, I rely upon Tom and inVision to supply me with various renderings and schematics, including building and landscaping visualizations, floor plans, signage, awesome video conceptualizations and all kinds of other applications. I’m both pleased and impressed by Tom’s goal-oriented ability to translate a concept into a quality image presentation. Seeing is believing—and believing is achieving. Thanks, Tom!"

Gary Matthews
EM Properties, Ltd.
East Peoria, Illinois

"Invsion Studios was hired through CBB (Crawford, bunte, Brammeier) and completed the 3D animation model for the diverging diamond interchange located at Route 13 and I-44 in Springfield, MO. The model had to be completed within 3 weeks after the MOU contract was signed. Invsion Studios was given an extremely tight deadline and completed the work with outstanding results. Their work has been highly complemented by people who watch the animation. I highly recommend them for any animation work you need to have done. To view their work for the Route 13 and I-44 project, visit the MoDOT web page for the Springfield district or to see other samples of their work, visit their web site at I have not seen a better animation/simulation model for roadway work completed. Invision Studios was very reasonably priced and they worked many late nights to get the animation completed. Working with Tom Waldschmidt was outstanding. He was available at all times, including late evenings and weekends and I was able to get a hold of him at any time. Invision Studios went way beyond what most businesses would do to complete this type of model."

“The animation was completed in 2 1/2 weeks which is an incredibly fast time frame to complete
something of this magnitude.  If you need someone to do animation work I would highly recommend contacting Tom Waldschmidt with inVISION Studios.   What Tom accomplished in 2 1/2 weeks is awesome, especially not having ever visited the site during the entire process.  We did everything by phone calls and email and worked many late nights.  If you are worried about using an out-of-state company, don't worry.  It didn't bother me and they were very easy to work with by only phone and email. 
 Tom and his crew worked all hours of the night and weekends to get this completed.  Without the animation, I believe we would have never convinced the public to accept the idea of using a diverging diamond interchange because it was too difficult for them to visualize the concept without it. 
Our Central Office photography department took some photographs from a helicopter on July 8 and they can be found on at the link below.  It is neat to look at the animation video and animation still photos and compare it to the actual built project.  It is amazing how close they compare. 
The cost of the animation was $21,000.  This wasn't the lowest or highest bid I received.  It was, though, the highest quality animation I had seen and I looked at many examples of animations.  I saw animations in the range of $30,000 - $50,000 that were not even close to this caliber.  For the price, quality, and the impossible deadline I gave inVISION Studios, I feel we chose the right company.  If you have any questions, please let me know.” 

Don Saiko, MoDOT - Dist. 8, Project Manager

"I have hired Tom Waldschmidt and his firm on several occasions as a real estate developer. Tom's work is supported with the most sophisticated technology available today. InVision's creativity, knowledge of our business, his honesty, integrity and timeliness are beyond reproach. I would highly recommend Tom and his firm to anyone, in any industry, at anytime. Should you desire, I'd be happy to speak with you directly at 631-599-9579."

John J Culmone
President at NTL Realty Group, LLC
New York, New York

"I have worked with Tom on several projects; his work is stunning! His videos have been a critical tool in communicating conceptual interchange layouts to the public and key stakeholders. Having a full understanding of our design has facilitated meaningful discussion at key decision points. Tom is great to work with. He pulls off the impossible as a matter of course. I fully endorse Tom and his product."

Shawn Leight
Vice President at Crawford Bunte Brammeier

"The visualization media provided by inVISION Studios to the Illinois Tollway Authority is simply terrific!  By utilizing such detailed and realistic visual aids, politicians and members of the financial community are quickly able to gain a clear understanding of what the money is being spent on and what the resulting benefits will be.  This understanding leads to much needed political support and quickly resolved bonding issues.  More importantly are the public relations benefits we receive from the use of this media.  Neighborhood and community groups, upon seeing the detailed presentation media and its accurate depiction of familiar references, immediately visualize and understand the scope and purpose of nearby improvements and are therefore typically more accepting of construction delays.  Visualization media has become a key component in our communications efforts and for this service, we highly recommend inVISION Studios."

Leanne P. Redden, AICP
Chief of Planning
Illinois Tollway

"Thomas is at the top of the food chain when it comes to professional, realistic looking computer renderings. He works well with clients and has always impressed us with his computer graphic skills. I would certainly recommend his services."

Tim Hickey
Director of Business Development at CORE Construction

"When we decided to build our new HUMMER dealership we wanted to do it right the first time, but how could you look at a piece of paper (blueprints) and determine the look of the facility?  I needed to be able to know if it all worked to give my salespeople and managers the best tools for the best end results.  For a few thousand dollars it gave me the ability to see the work flow, the overall look, and numerous ways to save money on the building.  I would never consider building without first getting a visualization of what I am spending my money on."

Jeff Green
Green Chevrolet-HUMMER

April 2, 2002
FAI Route 74 (I-74)
Reconstruction of Interstate 74 in Peoria/East Peoria
To Whom It May Concern:

The Peoria office of the Illinois Department of Transportation enlisted the professional services of inVISION Studios in May of 2001 to produce computer imaging and animation for a very large upcoming road construction project. Beginning in 2003, IDOT will begin a complete replacement of Interstate 74 through the heart of downtown Peoria and East Peoria. This massive rebuild will be the single largest road construction project ever undertaken by IDOT outside of the Chicago metro area.

Public involvement has been crucial to the progress of this project since work began in the early 1990’s. As detailed design work progressed on the project, it soon became evident that the public, local stakeholders, and even engineering staff were having difficulties with envisioning how the new roadway, ramps, and bridges would look when complete. InVISION was a locally based firm who we felt could provide just the product we needed to overcome the difficulties of allowing our stakeholders to visualize the project when complete.

InVISION initially produced a virtual tour of a small portion of the project. This showed the most complex area of the project as seen from a driver’s perspective traveling through downtown Peoria. This was supplemented by production of numerous stills of chosen areas within the project and later a ‘fly-thru’ perspective of the project as seen from above. The virtual model has been an invaluable tool that IDOT feels has been well worth the cost incurred. While the benefits of inVISIONS services have been numerous, the two most important elements have been the analyzing of engineering alternates and use as a public outreach tool.

Interstate 74 is unique in that it passes through the very center of the downtown area of Peoria. It bisects the city’s developing riverfront district, separates two large hospital complexes on each side of the highway, and passes through a large hospitality district anchored by a regional shopping mall. Replacing a major highway through such a prominent corridor offered IDOT the opportunity to incorporate aesthetic elements into the project which would enhance the surrounding area. IDOT formed a panel of local architects, artists, and other stakeholders to provide input on how we could beautify the corridor with our construction. The group suggested architectural texturing of retaining wall surfaces, the addition of architectural enhancements to the 43 bridges being built with the project, use of attractive wire fence products, and the use of color on light poles, sign supports, and steel bridge elements. We realized in our first session that our group members were struggling to envision how the new bridges, ramps, and roadways would appear when rebuilt. We tried to work with two dimensional plan views, but it just wasn’t working with persons not familiar with the reading of construction plans. This was the point where IDOT came upon the idea of computer modeling a portion of the project and contacted InVISION. InVISION’s services were instrumental in providing the group with visuals to show how various elements affected the appearance of the project. We provided InVISION with the group’s ideas on appearance enhancements, and InVISION would render them into the virtual model. Tom would then print out a rendering of the ideas for us to show to the group members. This allowed group members to quickly see how their ideas would look, and they were able to reach consensus on preferred ideas very quickly. The group loved being able to “see” their ideas, and IDOT is comfortable they will embrace the final product because they have already “seen” it.

The second area IDOT has found the project modeling very helpful is for use as a public outreach tool. This very large project will seriously disrupt the lives of commuters and residents for the three year duration of construction. Showing the virtual tour to members of the public has allowed us to get people focused on how great the project will be when it is complete rather than the hassles of getting through the construction. When we show the virtual tour to groups at speaking engagements the reaction is amazing. People are literally entranced while watching the video. The typical reaction is simply “WOW”. And as word has spread of the video, everybody simply MUST see it. Questions from groups shown the video focus more on what the project will deliver, rather than the negatives of how hard getting through construction will be. IDOT has contracted with a public relations firm to help us with public outreach, and they have said that the video is the single best tool we have for putting a positive spin on the project with the public. When you look at the dollars IDOT ispaying for public relations services, the dollars we spent on the computer modeling is an absolute bargain.

In closing, our experience with InVISION’S process and products has been nothing but positive. For complex projects with large scale public impacts, it can be a valuable tool in building support and consensus with stakeholders and the public.  Anyone wanting additional information on our experiences with this project can contact

Mr. Roger Miller at IDOT District 4 in Peoria, IL, at (309) 671-3472.

"Tom has been an integral part of a number of projects providing fantastic service in a timely manner. He is details-oriented and the final product he supplies reflects that attention. He is efficient with his time and his pricing structure is flexible to accommodate a project to a budget. It has been our pleasure to utilize Tom and InVision as a resource and will continue to do so."

Brian Buralli
Cullinan Properties

"Tom created way-finding videos for our hospital to be displayed in a kiosk. He created pathways to our high traffic areas of the campus to be played by a person choosing the destination on a touch screen. The videos were of the highest calibur and really helped with our way-finding issues. I would highly recommend his work! He is very professional and very knowledgable."

Natasha Owen
OSF St. Francis Medical Center

inVISIONS Studios Inc.
13705 North Ivy lake Road

Chillicothe, IL  61523

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