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Getting started...

Welcome to inVISION Studios.  Thank you for considering our services.  Depending on your visualization needs, the items we require to begin assisting you will vary.  Clients that are leading in the design role will need to provide specifications that represent as much detail as they want shown in the final visualization media.  This typically means providing plans & elevations in PDF format.  Architects and real estate developers will also typically provide site plans, landscape plans, building material specifications and photographs representing the surounding site details.  Transportation engineers and DOT clients will provide centerline profiles, cross sections, contour plans and structural details.  For best results, contact us to discuss your project and we can determine what information is needed.


Renderings are images generated from the three dimensional wire frame geometry that we create based on the clients specifications or guidlines.  The images can represent simple mass models of an early concept or be highly detailed depictions of the final design.  Realistic textures and lighting are assigned to create near photo-realistic images.  On the rare occassion it's requested, post production effects can be applied to transform these images into traditional "hand drawn" renderings, charcoal sketches, or water color paintings.  ...see Gallery page for samples.


Animation is the processes of generating hundreds or thousands of individual images (frames) from the same geometry used to create the renderings in the description above.  Animation can represent the view from a camera as it moves throughout and around the geometry such as in the case of an architectrual walk-thru or it can be a combination of camera movement and the motion of vehicles and pedestrians ...see Gallery page for samples.

Enhanced Traffic Simulation (VISSIM conversion representation)

inVISION Studios works with engineering firms and departments of transportation to create accurate and realistic infastructure and traffic simulations that allow stakeholders and the general public to more fully understand and support proposed roadway improvements.  We work with CAD files provided by the client to accurately generate three dimensional models of the proposed infastructure and utilize photographs and satellite imagery to create realistic representations of the surrounding architecture, vegitation, contours and site ammenities.  inVISION Studios uses proprietary software the translate traffic node data from VISSIM to precisely depict proposed traffic scenarios in the final presentation media.  ...see Gallery page for samples.

Interactive 3D campus maps

Interactive Campus Maps are unique way-finding applications that allow visitors to explore, be guided through and become visually familiar with our client's facilities prior to their arrival by experiencing a near realistic virtual walk-through prior to their visit.  ...see Gallery page for samples.

Fundraising Campaign Media

inVISION Studios works with churches, schools, hospitals and other privately funded facilities to create motivational images and video sequences that inspire donors and bring projects to life.

Previsualization (Design study)

Details coming soon...see Gallery page for samples.

Conceptual Design Services

inVISION Studios attributes its success in the visualization industry to its staff's education and professional experience in architecture and civil engineering. Not only do we understand the client's language when they lead the project with their design and inspiration but when called upon to provide a unique solution to the design problem we are always capable and eager to accept the challenge.  ...see Gallery page for samples of inVISION Studios' conceptual design work.

3D Floor Plans / Site Plans / Elevations

Details coming soon...see Gallery page for samples.

QTVR / Panoramic Virtual Tours

Details coming soon...see Gallery page for samples.


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